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photoBaga beach comes in Calangute area
Baga beach is one of the few beaches in Goa that has an Estuary, meaning a sweet water river enters and meets the Indian Ocean Sea. The fresh water tributary at Baga is called Baga Rivulet or Baga River. Sit on the Baga beach besides the Baga River sippinphotog over your drinks as the Goan sun sets over the horizon.

Baga Retreat House
Baga Retreat House, Xavier Retreat House, Baga, Calangute P.O., Bardez, Goa 403 516, India. This spiritual retreat house is set up on the hilltop of Baga hill. Majestic views of the Arabian Sea and the Baga village below. This retreat center is dedicated to Saint Francis Perfect spot for panoramic views of Calangute and Baga landscape.

The Church of St Alex is a magnificent church of Calangute. The church looks very nice from outside and it also has beautiful altars. As the vast traffic on the CHOGM road reaches the village, the Church of St Alex greets with its two towers and a magnificent dome gracing the façade. The inside of the church is a display of the line and beauty of its architectural style and ornate altars. In 1996, Calangute celebrated the fourth centenary of its parish cphotohurch.

St. Anthony’s chapel in Calangute is located in the middle of the road which splits the road into directions.

The Kerkar Art Complex situated in west Gauravaddo along Holiday Street is a popular centre for exhibitions of arts and crafts of local artistes. In Kerkar Art Complex on Thursdays and Fridays there are special Indian classical music and dance concerts taking place.  The Kerkar Art Complex, is the one and only of its kind on this beach. It is a popular center for exhibitions of arts and crafts of local artistes. On Thursdays and Fridays, connoisseurs of Indian classical music and dance can be an audience to photovarious concerts. Regularly displaying paintings and sculptures of various talented, upcoming artists of Goa.

Calangute Tibetan Silver Market
For a little feel of Tibet in Goa, it is recommended to visit the first & oldest Tibetan silver market at Football Grounds at the 4 roads junction. The market sets daily on the left hand side of the road that heads to Baga beach. Silver jewellery, rings n things is the prominent souvenir that is sold here. The owners of these stalls are Tibetan refugees who hail mainly from the Ladakh region of Kashmir and from Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. The hanging of Buddhist prayer flags and lots of t-shirts saying ‘Save Tibet’ on sale and sighting of some senior citizens meditating with their prayer wheels maphotoy give you a feeling of Mini Tibet in Calangute, Goa.

Calangute is a home of Goan cuisine. Fish-curry-rice remains the popular food of Calangute. ‘Sorpotel’ (a spicy dish made of liver and/or pork with gravy), ‘chourissam’ (pork sausages) and Xacuti (chicken with gravy) are some of the famous dishes of Calangute. Sea food and fish cooked with spicy masala are found in every home and Goan food serving restaurant in Calangute. Sanna are rice cupcakes soaked in toddy before cooking are mostly prepared for every feasts, while neuro, dodol and bebinca are special Christmas sweets. Feni is the most popular drink of Calangute which is made from the liquors of coconut or cashew. Wine and most brands of hard drinks are also photoeasily available almost everywhere in Calangute. Ladies of Calangute wear frocks and saris. Men wear shirts, pants and even kurtas.

The feast of St. Alex is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of July, the feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary is celebrated on the 8th of December every year, with fireworks, dances, dramas, and fairs along the village. Feast of St. Anthony is celebrated in June. Similarly Christmas, New Year and Easter are also celebrated. Carnival is celebrated every year in Calangute at the end of the month February just before lent. There is a great nightlife in Calangute with pubs and clubs open the whole night until sunrise.

The road from the Calangute fish market to the beach is lined with Kashmiri-run handicraft boutiques and Tibetan stalls selling Himalayan curios and jewellery. Many branded gift showrooms too have come here. The quality of the goods - mainly Rajasthani, Gujarati and Karnataka textiles - is generally high and so is the price. Haggle hard and don't be afraid to walk away from a heavy sales pitch - the same stuff crops up every Wednesday at Anjuna's flea market.

Calangute also makes a perfect beach site if you want to indulge in some water sports activities. Parasailing, waterskiing and wind surfing at the Calangute beach starts in the afternoon when the wind is blowing just in the right direction and it goes on till sunset.

Calangute's bars and restaurants are mainly grouped around the entrance to the beach and alphotoong the Baga road. As with most Goan resorts, the accent is firmly on tempting seafood, though many places also serve vegetarian dishes. Western breakfasts also feature prominently at some of the restaurants in Calangute.

Calangute's nightlife is surprisingly tamed and provides a nice break from the wild parties at Anjuna. All but a handful of the bars wind up by 10.00 pm. One notable exception is Tito's at the Baga end of the beach, which stays open until after midnight in the off-season and into the small hours in late December and January.  The other places that consistently stay open through the night at Calangute are a couple of hippy hang-outs in the woods to the south of the beach road. Pete's Bar, a perennial favourite next door to Angela P. Fernandes, is generally the liveliest, offering affordable drinks, backgammon sets and relentless reggae. Further afield, Bob's Inn, between Calangute and Candolim beaches, is another popular bar.



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