Boat Trip To Bat Island

Guests of Babaji staying in any of the Calangute Resorts of Goa can book themselves on a Boat Trip to Bat Island in Goa. The Bat Island is also locally known as Pequeno Island. This island of Goa is situated only a kilometre away from Baina beach of Vasco da Gama in South Goa. The Bat Island has its very own small rocky beach and a small stretch of greenery.

Snorkelling in Goa with Babaji
Goa Calangute Resorts offers all of its guests the fantastic opportunity to discover Goa’s underwater life. The Bat island is famous for Snorkelling and is the most perfect destination for snorkelers and adventure seekers under the sea.

A 30 minute boat ride on the sea from Baina beach at Vasco brings oneself on the Bat Island. For snorkelling all the training and equipment is provided by the organizer and operator.

Non Swimmers can also enjoy Snorkelling
Tourists who love adventure, the open outdoors and water sports, will automatically love snorkelling in the sea around the Pequeno Island.  Snorkelling is a fun and peaceful way to observe the colourful and captivating world just beneath the ocean's water surface. Snorkelers have to use a clear plastic mask and a short plastic or rubber tube to breathe while floating face-down on the surface of the water. This way you can view and watch coral, marine life and fishes without scaring them away and without having to come up for oxygen every now and then. Snorkelling is a heavenly experience that can be enjoyed in shallow waters too. You can contact your Babaji of Goa Calangute Resorts to book yourself, your family or your full group for Bat Island Tour of South Goa.

The Bat Island is encircled by vivid coral reef. It is a wonderful experience to explore this outstanding star coral, brain coral, sea fans, sea whips and many other sea creatures while snorkelling around the Pequeno Island. You will also get to see colourful shoals and fishes swimming around you. There are parrot fish, angel fish, squirrel fish, butterfly fish, groupers, snappers, trigger fish, lobsters, hawksbill turtle, sea cucumbers and sea urchins that you can see while you are exploring the sea at Bat Island with Babaji.

Bat Island Trip Package details:


  • Breakfast
  • Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
  • Dolphin Sightings
  • Fishing in Mid Sea of Goa
  • Snorkelling Kit provided
  • Sunbathing / Swimming
  • Pick up & Drop is Free for group of 4 Guests booking boat trip together.


  • Veg & Non Veg Lunch
  • Soft drinks
  • Chilled Beers & Mineral Water
  • Hard drinks
  • Traditional Fish & Chicken Barbeque

All the boats are insured and well equipped with life jackets and first aid kits.


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