Calangute Beach

CALANGUTE – The Tourists Beach Village in North Goa.
Calangute is a prominent coastal village and beach tourism centre about 15 kms from the capital city of Panaji (Panjim) Goa. Hundreds of hotels and guesthouses catering to the chartered tourists are located here. Calangute beach is right in the center with Candolim beach on the left and Baga beach on the right.

Calangute has many small shops where people can buy clothes, Tibetan market where people can buy different kinds of gems and silverwork, wooden statues of the Buddha and Hindu idols. There is also a weekly Saturday local bazaar held behind the Calangute post office, which is put up every Saturday morning where people can buy fish, meat, grocery, textiles, earthenware, household articles and other provisions. The permanent fish market opposite the Hindu temple is a spot to buy all your daily groceries and vegetables.

CALANGUTE BEACH: North Goa’s most popular & famous beach.
Considered by Indians and International tourists as the Queen of all the beaches of Goa, the beautiful golden sands of Calangute beach is just a stone’s throw away from the different resorts of Mr. Babaji of Goa Calangute Resorts, which are all situated in the heart of Calangute.  One of the busiest and most visited beach of North Goa. Millions of Indians visit this beach at least once in their lifetime.

The village was originally named Kolongutt, and at present its name has deviated to Calangute. Calangute probably gets its name from, Kalyan-Gutti, which means a village of art, a good-looking village.  Around 2.6 Million tourists visiting Goa every year make it an annual affair to pay a visit to this world well-known beach.

Golden sands on endless stretch of Calangute beach on either side with Candolim and Sinquerim beaches on the left or Baga & Anjuna beaches on the right.

It is a common sight to spot Indian tourists staring directly and blankly at the foreign tourists in a two piece swimming costume of Bra & Bikini.

Why Indian Tourists love Calangute beach?

  • Adventure sports such as Para Sailing & Jet Ski rides are easily accessible at Calangute beach.
  • Highest number of Beach Shack Restaurants on Calangute beach.
  • Calangute beach is all the time bustling with tourists and beach activities.
  • Calangute is known to be the, “Queen” of North Goa beaches.
  • Calangute beach has the widest choices of Water sports activities existing on any beach of Goa.
  • Calangute beach has the biggest number of Multi – Cuisine restaurants and hundreds of holiday home accommodations.
  • Calangute beach is sandwiched perfectly by Candolim beach on its left and Baga beach on its right.
  • The waves of Calangute beach are closest to the shoreline.

What to do on Calangute beach?

  • Beach Burials at Calangute beach

Ever buried yourself or your friend on the sandy beaches of Calangute. Then this is your chance to be 6 feet under Calangute beach, get yourself photographed and posted on Face book to make your colleagues get envious.

  • Pack yourself a Picnic

Plan in advance, shop from the many supermarkets around Calangute such as Delfino’s, Newton’s etc and pack yourself a wonderful picnic around the many shady spots of Calangute beach.

  • Frisbee at day & Frisbee at night on Calangute beach

Buy yourself one of the fancy plastic Frisbees that have battery operated led lights embedded within it. Now you can play with your Frisbee even in the dark nights on Calangute beach. On movement as the Frisbee flies, its led lights lit up for the opposite person to catch it in time.

  • Beach Hiking from Sinquerim to Baga beach.

One can start walking from the extreme end of Sinquerim beach whilst passing by Candolim beach, Calangute beach and ending your beach walking or hiking trail till Baga beach at the end of the Baga Rivulet.

  • Go Dolphin Spotting

Calangute beach offers many Dolphin sighting trips on powered motorboats. Dolphins in Goa can be spotted only in the early morning before the sun rises too high. Book yourself in advance for Calangute Dolphin boating trips.

  • Writing Sand Messages & Photographing them

Nothing can be more temporary than writing messages on the shifting sands of time. Memorialize your holiday and love messages on the Calangute sands and watch the waves wash away your beach writings or temporary sayings. Photograph your Calangute beach writings before the waves reach it.

  • Calangute deep sea fishing

Calangute originally being a fishing village for centuries before the onset of package tourism to Goa, still has hundreds of fishing boats as many families still continue on the traditional activity of deep sea fishing. Simple fishing trips on smaller boats are organized for tourists on request too at Calangute beach.

  • Catch up with your Reading Stuff on Calangute beach

On a susegad holiday at Calangute beach, one can rest, relax and read at the same time. You can read your novels, magazines and Goan newspapers right on Calangute beach.

  • Build Sand Castles on Calangute beach

Ever remember building a Sand castle bang on the beach. Here is your chance to see if you have any designing and building skills by building something out of sand on Calangute beach.

  • Do Seashell Shopping for free at Calangute beach

Why buy expensive sea shells when you can comb the Calangute beach and make your very own exclusive handpicked collection of Goan sea shells from Calangute beach.

  • Eat at Calangute Shack Restaurants

Goa is the only state in India supporting restaurants bang on the beach ecosystem. Go ahead and enjoy delicious Goan seafood in the beach shacks of Calangute.

  • Calangute Beach Photography

Calangute beach is one of the most photographed beaches of Goa. Every tourist fancies himself/herself to have a photo shoot of one’s favourite poses on the shores of Calangute beach.

  • Beach Sports on Calangute beach

One can see loads of Indian domestic tourists playing beach games on Calangute beach such as Beach Volleyball, Beach Football, Beach Cricket even our very own traditional Beach Kabaddi or Beach Kho Kho.

  • Sunbathing on Sun beds of Calangute beach

Every beach shack of Calangute and Goa is allowed to keep around 5 Sun beds for its guests use. Have a Chilled beer while relaxing on a Sunbed under a beach umbrella shade.

  • Fly a kite on Calangute beach

This is the best beach for kite flying as there is not much obstruction and also you will find some serious kite flying enthusiasts on Calangute beach.

  • Enjoy magnificent Goan Sunsets at Calangute beach

The most majestic & magnificent sunsets on Calangute beach are seen in the winter months of October till December. Other months one has to be in luck with the Goan weather to have nice orange sunsets.

  • Last but not the least. Swim in Calangute sea waters.

Calangute beach has one of the safest shorelines. Calangute beach has also the largest concentration of Life Guards on the full stretch of the beach. So get some full body exercise by swimming at Calangute beach.

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