Calangute – The Heart of Goa
The fishing village of Calangute is one place in North Goa where it is very easy to find a wide choice of holiday accommodations starting from the basic guest houses offered by the local Goans, beach huts, beach villas, modern bungalows, traditional Goan houses, dormitories, lodging & boarding, business class hotels, 2 star to 5 star hotels and luxurious beach resorts too. In Calangute there are hotels for every type of budget and tastes. According to international travel organization Trivago, there are more than 246 hotels in and around Calangute beach & village in North Goa.

Goa Calangute Resorts...............
At www.goacalanguteresorts.com we offer you a selection of the best travel accommodations in Calangute from the rest. We have properties on the main beach road to Calangute. We have holiday properties on the Calangute – Baga road. We also have hotel stays in the heart of Calangute tourist city.

The owner & proprietor of www.goacalanguteresorts.com Mr. Babaji greets tourists, travellers, holidaymakers and business people visiting to Calangute in North Goa to have lots of fun, frolic and frivolity while staying in Goa. After a hectic seeing the sights schedule of the beautiful tourist attractions of natural Goa, it is every tourists desire to rest, relax and unwind in a comfortable holiday room or hotel accommodation.

Babaji understands that Goa is God - made but rooms and accommodations are Man - made and hence careful choice and advance planning has to be done in choosing a room while holidaying in Goa. A wonderful hotel room can make your holiday in Goa more beautiful and enjoyable stay in Goa.

That’s what we are good at. We assist you in getting rooms booked into resorts of Calangute beach.

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Goa is India’s Honey in the tourism market........
Welcome to the tiny state of Goa which is full of fun, frolic & frivolity with thousands of families & friends flocking every year, ever more. Just like bees get attracted to natural honey, similarly domestic as well as foreign tourists get easily attracted to the shores of Goa.

Goa has the potential to grow more and more........

Panjim, January 23, 2014: Goa has begun the year 2014 on a positive note: According to statistical data maintained by Tourism Department, the state has witnessed a considerable increase in number of tourists by 12% in 2013 as compared to 2012. The figures indicate that domestic tourist arrivals have climbed up by 12.47% in 2013 and international tourist arrivals have gone up by 9.27%. The overall tourist growth has been pegged at around 12%, which is a record high for the state. Record tourist arrival in Goa with 31.21 lakh tourists in 2013 compared to 27.87 lakhs in 2012. Goa Tourism crosses three million tourist arrival mark for the first time.

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Goa is India to many foreigners.................
The British rulers left India in 1947. The Portuguese rulers left Goa in 1961. Even though the tiny state of Goa joined the Republic of India very late, still it connects with many foreigners as being very much India. Ask any foreign traveller if he has visited India and pat comes the reply, “yes, been to Goa”. The beautiful land of Goa has become synonymous with the whole country of India. Many foreign tourists make Goa as the base and then travel and discover the other parts of India.

Calangute is Goa to maximum of Indian tourists..................
The beach of Calangute is one of the 72 plus wonderful beaches of Goa. Calangute beach is situated at a short distance of only 15 kms from the Capital city, Panjim in North Goa. Ask any Indian tourist if he /she have visited Goa and pat comes the reply, “yes we have stayed at Calangute beach”. Within Goa Calangute beach is the most favoured beach of all by Indian tourists. Calangute is a compulsory destination on the itinerary of every Indian tourist. On any given day hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to the water sports activities on Calangute beach. Panjim is the political capital of Goa state then Calangute is the tourist capital of Goa.

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